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Aloe Vera soothing gel
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Aloe Vera soothing gel

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Gel with Aloe vera * rejuvenating, nourishing, moisturizing and soothing facial and body. Moisturizes deeply reddened and irritated skin. Ideal to hydrate the skin after exposure to the sun thanks to its light, silky texture that is easily absorbed without greasing the skin, hydrating in depth settings with antisossidanti and soothing effects that combat the damage caused by UVA and UVB rag

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Linea Sole

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The Gel Soothing / Restructuring Arangara Aloe is formulated using vegetable raw materials that come from our own organic crops certified and carefully selected for their delicacy and effectiveness. The high content of aloe vera gel and oils and plant extracts make it ideal for deeply hydrate with anti-oxidant effects against free radicals and soothing for sensitive skin or sensitized and irritated by external stressors such as waxing, effects of time or exposure to the sun. Its light, silky texture helps the easily absorbed without greasing the skin.

A gentle and persistent fragrance, obtained by the skilful combination of essential oils and aloe vera gel without the addition of fragrance, will take you a long time leaving a pleasant feeling of wellbei

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Impossibile elencare per quanti utilizzi vada bene questo gel: dopo l'esposizione, per qualsiasi tipo di irritazione. Fresco, si assorbe al volo ed è fantastico. Un assoluto must have!

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