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Tangerine + Fern moisturising organic water
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Tangerine + Fern moisturising organic water

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CLEANSING, TONING AND REFRESHING moisturizing water for oily skin, cellulite and water retention, based hydrolates and Essential oil Mandarin * and * Aloe vera gel. Ideal after sunbathing and to moisturize and refresh your skin every day, even when you have little time, because it does not need to be massaged and rubbed as a cream. From the man

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Il Giardino

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Water moisturizer with extracts of Mandarin and Fern, formulated exclusively with hydrolates arising from the distillation in current of plants rich in aromatherapy steam properties, beneficial for the body and mind.

It gives freshness and dynamism, moisturizes and tones the skin while also positively influence the psyche through olfaction. The combination of fragrant woodsy notes notes of ferns and fresh tangerine tones regenerates the mind, remove stress. A treat for the body and the senses, in a single gesture. For those looking for scented water that is both an energizing spirit and a gentle and refreshing body treatments.

Product based on extracts of Mandarin and Aloe Vera Gel biological origin trace

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