METROZERO: the traceability program of our ingredients

Arangara BEAUTY WITHOUT SECRETS When talking about organic cosmetics, the attention is paid to the origin of the raw materials, but how to have the security of what it is rubbed on the skin? With traceability program METROZERO! METROZERO is marked Arangara program that allows you to accurately track the process production that goes from the tree to the cosmetic.

Sunscreen Linea Sole, which filters?

The most common question we are asked on Sunscreen Protective Arangara is: "What kind of filters used?". Well fear not, our cosmetics do not contain physical filters. Our solar use a combination filter, which is a next-generation synthesis filter combined with a natural filter made from vegetable oils to ensure a high protective power against UVA and UVB rays safely and without risk of allergies and irritations.