Hand cream: how to choose the right one!

arangara hands and feet organic treatment nutritious and moisturizing. It helps prevent chapping, chilblains, alleviate and soothe the effects of cold. Hand warmer effect

The winter skincare

Winter is coming and a suitable routine is more than a necessity, because your skin is not always the same and does not always have the same needs and above all it is not always stressed in the same way. External factors that cause stress change with the seasons so it is INDISPENSABLE to change the way you take care of it. Find out how to build the winter skin care routine that suits your needs

Tanning and Skin type: what is yours?

With the arrival of summer and the sun is strong impatience to gain a tan to be envied. To get the coveted golden color without being faced with the unpleasant incidents, it is necessary to have in mind your skin type

Suncare, our philosophy #thesunisgood

Summer is vacation time, the sun, the sea but, above all, Tanning! But how to ensure a golden tan, without exposing our skin to unnecessary risk? All this is possible with proper beauty routine, a ritual of tanning which takes into account the health of our skin needs as well as the countless benefits of the sun. It is well known fact that the sun is a blessing for the body ...


La “Luffa” è una spugna vegetale (dal termine di origine arabo Loofah). Si ottiene da una pianta appartenente alla stessa famiglia delle zucche e coltivata nella nostra Azienda Agricola con metodo biologico. La polpa della Luffa a maturazione è costituita da un fitto reticolo di fibre molto leggere, che una volta immerse in acqua si rigonfiano, ammorbidendosi e diventando un’ottima spugna vegetale. La spugna biologica certificata Loofah by Aranga